Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The September 26th "Debate" Take

For hours and hours punditry is discussing "who won", and lame tools like Chuck Todd are harping on Trump's amazing first 30 minutes because he made a few dings about NAFTA. Screw that. It was such an absurd contest that "win/lose" is ludicrous. Here's what's comparable: the Yankees vs. drunken Sunday softball aholes. Or how about Ali vs. the 47 year old neighborhood bully. Or Secretariat vs. the sway back nag that was pet to the Our Gang kids in one episode. She did her job - she's an accomplished states person, respected worldwide and by most Americans, despite the trashings of asshats like Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd, Fox and the rest of our idiot media. Donald Trump, always a bellicose nothing burger jackoff, should not have been anywhere near that stage (forget about being anywhere near nuclear footballs, God help us). He's a fraudulent demagogue, representing the end game of this sociopathic birther bullshit party of not Lincoln, but of the crass greedy lynchers Lincoln abhorred. He suckered a bunch of David Duke acolytes, and has been enabled by craven libertarians like Paul Ryan who need an empty suit to sign Ayn Rand Fantasy bills. It's shameful for to waste words or breaths on handicapping this goddamn thing. It's embarrassing for America right now. I hope I didn't leave anything out.

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