Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My First Shameless Plug: Giftrocket

I sent a GiftRocket the other day. I was looking for a gift card to send someone for their birthday, and I wanted it to land in their email. I originally figured I had to send a card from a specific company - Macy's, Old Navy. Ikea. I didn't want to send a "Visa" because that sucks up too much interest or whatever. And I discovered GiftRocket in my searches. It turns out to be a wonderful company. I originally thought I had to specify a store, but really, you can suggest one - but you don't have to, and the recipient doesn't have to use it there. The recipient gets a nice virtual card (you pick the occasion), and can spend the bucks in any way they choose! The value (i.e., money) goes to their bank account or wherever they want. The fee for me was just two bucks for a fifty dollar gift. And it gets to the destination instantly. I love it. I know, I know, "gift cards" are often seen as default gifting, but my recipient was pretty damn happy. I highly recommend. Here's the link: GiftRocket I hope I get one.