Friday, July 15, 2016

The Bern lost, we must move forward

Clinton vs. trump may be your nightmare, but HE LOST. Somebody wins, somebody loses. You and he and Jane cand Rosario Dawson can spin it as "rigged" (except for the contests he won). He did do a great job, and had a great message - and still does. He made major mistakes, and eventually lapsed into being a whiny politician (he was against the super delegates before he was for them). I'm not going to bother fending off the Bernie wilding that is inevitable, and seems determined to make this rather cool guy into the next Ralph Nader. "The lesser of two evil is less evil". Occupy reality. Hold Clinton's feet to the fire. Right now, she is the best hope against TrumpKochFascism. There is not the luxury to be "never Hillary" and shout down speakers at the convention and all that crap - all this, and the fantasy of the emails being the July surprise has already damaged her candidacy. So congratulations on that.

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