Friday, August 15, 2008


You read a headline like this, and the joke is already written for you. And if you don’t know who Julia Child was, look her up via Google or Wikipedia. She passed away a few years ago, at I think age 90 or so. In fact, she would have been 96 today, August 15th. For years she was on PBS as “The French Chef”, a high pitched matronly woman who loved to use a lot of butter and salt in her dishes. I don’t think she was French at all, but now, with the news that she was a spy during World War II, that adds to her mystique.

Of course for starters she was about as far from James Bond as one can get, so that perhaps made her perfect as a spy... who the heck would give her any thought at a border crossing, for example. (Now that I think about it, she would have been perfect “mule” material, too!). And no doubt she could get any information out of any nefarious character because she was so un-assuming Miss Marple like... probably even when she was in her 30’s in the 1940’s, when she did her espionage work. I didn’t read the whole story (which should be in a Bobby’s Tip Jar entry – read everything!). I also imagine her giving codes out while preparing her esoteric dishes on the TV. If she touches the Herb de Provence twice, that means the “neutralization” is on.

Before her secret spy life was revealed, Dan Aykroyd did the quintessential Julia Child send up probably 30 years ago on SNL – remember the bit (again, if you were born after 1978, LOOK IT UP… maybe it’s on YouTube now) wherein Julia cut herself, and just spewed “blood” all over the set. It just got funnier and funnier as he went on and on with the preparation.

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