Monday, July 28, 2008


After judging at the World Championships of Performing Arts, and talking my head off to numerous wannabe actors and dancers - giving freely of my incredible experience, strength and hope based on 30 years in the highest echelons of the television business - I decided there is a crying need for the basic information I can provide. And lord knows I have a s***load of anecdotes. Some of them are just gossip, which is juicy of course, but much of it amounts to volumes of do's-and-don'ts when it comes to getting your foot, hands, head and bank account thru the show business "door", and once in, staying there with some success. I always say be humble, be kind to all, and, above all, have an attitude of gratitude.
So on a frequent basis I will share tidbits of information. Eventually, I will have online, and in person, seminars or workshops with some interaction, Q&A and all that. I will evaluate scripts and, for actors, your "audition dvd's". And I'll probably sell books and T-shirts, too. The info won't all be free of charge, but it will be affordable. Remember, the Funny is Money radio show is on nightly at 7 PM Pacific time on I will also offer up for sale CD's of past radio shows. I hope this is helpful, and or least entertaining.

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