Thursday, February 8, 2018

OCCAM'S RAZOR - shortcut to the Truth, or occupying the world of d'uh, obvious

Occam's Razor is a principle of logic which states "when you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better." Or, in the case of politics, when you have two competing theories about the same issue, wherein one "theory" is muddy with "alternative facts" and the other is d'uh, obvious, the d'uh, obvious is the way to go. 

Generally Occam's, advanced in the 14th (!) century by one William of Ockham, a Franciscan friar, has to do with weighty scientific or even debatable philosophical matters. But in The Trump Era, it's useful to cut through the political chaos. The simplest explanation is the one to rely on. Aka the "d'uh, obvious". That's what Occam's razor advises us.  Don't let them kick up dust, muddy the waters, caution one "to be fair", and that "both sides do it" and all that bullshit. 

Occam's Razor meme #1: These are not normal times, and 'not normal' is not a positive.

One hears the noise of "debate": talking points, explanations, excuses, and above all lies. So what's the reality? I mean the REAL reality, which contains such noted elements as gravity, the sun, blue skies, birds and George Clooney. 

From the D'uh, Obvious file, here are 30+ things Occam's Razor says, allegedly: 

1. Russians have Trump's balls in a vice, and have long considered him a useful idiot

2. He owes them a lot of money, and favors

3. Russia helped him get "elected" President in a quid pro quo situation

4. Trump won't implement sanctions against Russia because he owes them

5. Trump (and a shitload of Republican lackeys as well) are ignoring the intelligence community (not just here, but worldwide) about Russian interfering in our elections - because they wants them to do it again in 2018.

6. The Russians hacked into voting rolls in various states, and altered the election results

7. Jill Stein is complicit in the election fiasco. She was at the Flynn/Putin/RT Dinner. Laughing. Ignore claims she didn't know how she got there or why.

8. Trump told Flynn told to lie to the FBI, "cause I'm president, they won't question it, and even so, I'll pardon you". 

9. Donald Jr. got dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russians at the Trump Tower meeting. That's what the meeting was for, that's what it was about, and Trump, sr knew all about it.

10. Shortly thereafter, DNC email hacks were published.

10. DNC email hacks were published right after the Access Hollywood tape because that was ordered part of the Russia plan.

11. James Comey deliberately fucked with Clinton's election hopes

12. James Comey deliberately DID NOT publicize Trump's involvement in the Russian election hack investigation

13. Russians stole the election via Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

14. Jill Stein aided in this effort, Nader-style by insisting on running. Remember she had been at the Flynn/Putin/RT dinner

15. Russians were involved in Bernie bottery, if not Bernie's campaign itself, to cleave off Clinton votes and create divisions favorable to Trump.

16. Clinton not "going after white working class voters" did not cost her the election. See above.

17. Trump is a racist, admires white supremacists, and hates people from shithole countries (make America white again)

18. Trump hates DACA and will only use them as hostages, while deporting their parents. This was the plan when he rescinded DACA in October of 2017.

19. Trump is a serial sexual harasser and assaulter. Each of his accusers are telling the truth, as is Ivana who accused him of rape. 

20. Russians and Trumpites put the right wing girl up to smearing Al Franken.

21. Bernie Bots put Kristen Gillibrand up to chasing Al Franken out of the Senate.

22. Kelly is a racist and a liar (Muslim ban, ending TPS, Rep. Frederica Wilson)

23. Trump and Kelly knew all about Rob Porter's wife battering history, and for months.

24. Trump's main policy is driven by destroying Obama, the black President's legacy.

25. Russians gave Trump the "birther" idea in 2011

26. Trump needs to keep "tensions" going on the Korean peninsula to look "tough". If a war was to break out, he wouldn't care - even about casualties in South Korea - since main populations are POC.

27. Trump tough talk, ripping at western democratic norms, desire for military parades, fierce focus on crowd sizes and ratings = someone trying to mitigate a small penis.

28. The "main stream media" - aside from Fox - is interested not in a "blue wave" in November, but a tight horse race. Hence the relentless "both sides do it" and advancing the meme of Democratic "disarray" "struggles" or "lack of messaging - 'they can't just be anti-Trump'".

29. Main stream media is obsessed with access, i.e., to the White House and Republican lawmakers, to the point of adding in the derision of Pelosi, Clinton (both of them), and other soft targets.

30. The default with Trump, Pence and his other administration lackeys (Kelly, Sanders, Conway) is to assume that they are LYING, no matter what they say, Same goes for Paul Ryan and most Republicans. Assume they are LYING.

31. Trump full well knew Carter Page was a Russian agent, knew all about Manafort, and knew Papadopolous. 

32. Trump was not kidding about Charlottesville "fine people". He was not kidding about "Democrats are treasonous". 

33. He's not kidding ever. He is a chaos and deflection whore.

34. "The American People" did NOT elect him. He lost the American People by 3 million votes. The Electoral College installed him, by just a few thousand votes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania (usually blue states). 

35. Trump has not released his tax returns, and is relentlessly trying to block or end the Mueller (and congressional) investigations because HE KNOWS HE IS GUILTY of any number of crimes and misdemeanors. It's not the deep state, it's not biased investigators, it's not Loretta Lynch on the tarmac, it's not ghost of Obama, it's not Russians (!). 

36. Republicans are not stupid, they are in on it. They want Trump in office despite his dreadful foibles, for one purpose: to sign into law the policies they (and the Kochs) have long longed for. 

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